DATA Australasia is bound by the NDIS Code of Conduct. Whether a business is a registered or a non-registered provider, they and their staff need to be aware of the code and be able to respond appropriately to any complaints. DATA Australasia is formulating a complaints policy. The details are below and a form will become available on our website soon including a downloadable fillable word document to guide people to use our complaints policy. The draft policy can be found at: Until our complaints form has been designed and tested, please use our normal inquiry form below and write briefly about your complaint in the multi-line text field provided.

You can call Elise Lonsdale on 0448 966 533 from in Australia, from New Zealand 00 61 448 966 533 or from other countries  +61 488 966 533

You may also use our Contact Form to enquire about our services and to contact us.