That all vision impaired, blind and deaf-blind people can achieve their full potential through the independent use of both mainstream and assistive technology.


DATA Australasia will advise, guide, train and support you in the use of the technology which most meets your needs, goals and aspirations. Whether in your home or online, we will train you in a safe and respectful environment and at your own pace so that you are empowered to use your chosen technology to achieve your potential.


Individual Choice: Although we will advise you on a broad range of options we will ultimately respect your right to choose the technology with which you feel most comfortable.

Achievement-focused: At the conclusion of each session we will ensure that you have learnt something which you did not know at its commencement.

Curiosity: We will encourage you to question, discover and learn for yourself so that you can become empowered and independent with your chosen technology.
Respect and Dignity: we will respect you as a complete individual with needs, goals and aspirations which we can help you to achieve through technology.

Lived experience: We will value your lived experience as a disabled person, while using our own to help you achieve.