For people requiring a fast, reliable and accurate screen reader under Windows then JAWS for Windows, often known as Job Access with Speech could be the answer for you. 

JAWS for Windows is a highly powerful tool that reads information on the screen and converts it to speech and Braille. By using the keyboard you can navigate the web, edit documents, create emails, participate in social media and so much more.

JAWS has been around for over two decades and it has kept pace with all the changes to Windows. 

It has been the solution of choice for people with no vision or very low vision to access the computer, especially for people in the workplace.

JAWS can be highly customised or scripted so that it can be set up for people using unique and in-house software.

In recent years, JAWS has also accommodated for the needs of people with low vision as it now tracks the mouse pointer and offers some visual highlighting on the screen of what it is reading.


DATA Australasia offers JAWS training on a one on one basis or to people in small groups.

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