What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

This is the name given to the damage caused to the retina as a result of diabetes. Blood vessels associated with the retina become damaged, causing the retina to detach in severe cases. However, early detection and lifestyle changes can help slow or prevent this.

Who can have Diabetic Retinopathy?

Anyone with diabetes, either type 1 or 2, can develop Diabetic Retinopathy. Because the risk increases over the time from diagnosis to the present, control of blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fats, together with regular eye checks, is recommended as the best preventative.

What can people with Diabetic Retinopathy see?

If the condition is mild there may be no vision changes at all. This is why regular eye examinations are crucial.

However, people may experience blurring, changes in colour perception, floaters or holes in their vision. In severe cases when the retina detaches, permanent blindness can result.

Assistive Technology

If the condition is at a treatable stage, Apple’s iPhone may be of use because its integrated assistive technology can be activated or deactivated as necessary. Computer-based magnification and/or speech software may be more useful for severe and/or permanent conditions.

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