Experiencing reduced sight means as many things to as many people as there are on the planet. However, the one thing it doesn’t have to mean is that your life is finished. It will certainly change; you will likely have to do some or many things differently from the way you’ve been used to, but you will still be able to:

  • raise your family,
  • hold down a job,
  • run your household,
  • manage your finances,
  • care for yourself,
  • pursue many hobbies,
  • travel, both locally and internationally and
  • anything else you may think of.

To do this you’ll need support from:

  • family/whanau
  • Friends
  • Co-workers and bosses
  • Medical and specialist service personnel.

You will also need a certain amount of assistive technology, and that’s where data Australasiacan help. 

Drawing on lifelong experience of low vision, together with extensive knowledge of assistive technology, Elise and the team will first help you discover which will be best for you, then ensure you are trained in its use so that you can regain and maintain the independence you’ve come to expect from life.

Whether it’s a mobile phone, a computer with magnification or screen reading software, Data Australasia will help ensure that you can not only live with low vision or blindness, but live the life you want.

DATA Australasia can help you work with the technology you need if you are experiencing reduced sight

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